David Hathaway
D hathaway 01
Monkey, Monks
Vancouver, British Columbia
Birth date
April 14, 1966 (1966-04-14) (age 51)
Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Quad line
  • Dual line
Active Years
1996 - Present
Also know as “Monkey” or “Monks”, iQuad co-founder David Hathaway has been flying sport kites for 15 years, and with 13 of those on Revolution kites exclusively, he founded the first dedicated discussion group and web site for this type of kite, called REVisions. Starting his competition career in 2006, he’s accumulated 4 AKA Nationals trophies since then, along with numerous NWSKL individual and pairs championships. An Internet geek by day, as well as a writer/photographer for Kitelife magazine, David is also involved in 2 music groups in the Northwest.

When he is not off flying a kite somewhere with iQuad, he can be found working for a small book publisher as the in-house IT Ninja and shepherd for the cranes that infest the office.[1]


  1. Team iQuad official site

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